Anonymous said: I'm desperate for any way to cope at this point. I've had misophonia since I was 8 years old - the sound of my mother and brother eating would send me into a rage and I'd beg my mom to let me eat in my own room. I've gotten better at dealing with it as the years went on (by dealing I mean ignoring) but in times of high stress it comes back. It's gotten much worse with my fiance who takes huge bites. We fight about it all the time and he yells at me for being "irrational." I'm at my wits end...

Oh, my. I’m glad that you got to somewhat cope with your family members, but I suggest that you have a discussion with your fiance- especially if it’s someone you’re going to marry! Try to bring up the topic when both of you are calm, when you’re in a non-triggering environment. Have some materials from online to support you- something from would help. They even have a letter to family members of misophonia sufferers. 

Try to make him/her/them understand, try not to bring it to a yelling point. Maybe even writing it down would help. Being a friend/family member of a misophonia sufferer is hard, but with learned tactics it can work. Especially if that person really cares for you and loves you.

This goes for all of you: please don’t give up. Good luck. 

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Misophonia is a form of decreased sound tolerance characterized by extreme and irrational reactions (panic, despair, rage, etc.) when exposed to sounds, and occasionally visuals, that most people ignore or experience as background, i.e. chewing noises or tapping.

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